We come to you


How the procedure works

  • We will take a detailed history to fully understand your ear health.

  • We use a manual wax removal method under direct vision using a head-worn microscope system fitted with a bright light.

  • A small funnel is placed gently in your outer ear canal to protect your ear and gain a good view of your ear canal and ear drum.

  • During microsuction, a small suction device is inserted slowly into your ear, and attached to the wax in order to remove it. This machine is like a tiny vacuum cleaner and it is normal if you hear a loud "whooshing" sound during this procedure. 

  • Depending on the type of wax or other debris in your ear, the audiologist may need to use a curette or forceps instead of microsuction.



The cost for an earwax removal session is $150.

No referral is required.

Unfortunately there is no Medicare rebate for this procedure.

We charge a standard call out fee of $80 for home visits.

Please contact us for areas serviced. This is currently variable and we are unable to visit COVID hot spots.



We will endeavour to work around your schedule. Please contact us below for enquiries.

Image by Josh Rose